Knowledge Transfer

You know Realised Realities have unparalleled expertise and experience in consumer-facing immersive technologies. We’re excited to have the opportunity to share our knowledge and wisdom with our clients.


Knowledge Transfer

We know you want to become Masters of these new immersive mediums yourselves, and you want your team to develop the necessary wisdom to succeed, quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

That’s why we offer our Education Services, presenting bespoke, tailored lectures, roundtables and workshops to educate stakeholders at all levels on any and all aspects of the business and craft of creating and launching new Realities.

Let our expertise guide you as you journey into this new frontier, with half-day or full-day sessions available to cover any topic and any need, narrow or broad. Whether you want a detailed understanding of how to avoid nausea and comfort issues for your users, a comprehensive look at the current landscape, a deep knowledge of techniques to build world-beating Immersive Experiences, a ‘VR 101’ session to get your whole organisation up-to-speed and armed with all the essential knowledge to succeed, or just broaden your understanding to leapfrog those early months of basic learnings through trial-and-error, it’s always best to be taught by the best. We’re here to help, and happy to attend your site and share our knowledge with you.

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We are a unique specialist XR consultancy business with unparalleled expertise in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Immersive Technologies.

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We bring a uniquely broad combination of highly relevant industry experience to help you deliver the best possible immersive experiences.

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Simon and Jed have played an important role in designing and defining the current state of the art in Immersive Technology User Experiences.

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We work closely with you to augment your business with cutting edge XR expertise and insight, empowering you to confidently create the best solutions.

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If you’ve got a problem with your XR project, chances are we can help. Get in touch with us today and find out what we can do to help you realise your reallity, and build a better world for your Users. We are based in Manchester UK, servicing a worldwide client base.