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Realised Realities mentorships through Digital Catapult Augmentor receive acclaim

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As many of you may already know, Augmentor is Digital Catapult‘s ongoing series of 12-week programmes, delivering technical and business mentorship to the next generation of companies developing innovative, commercially focused applications for Augmented and Virtual Reality. The process is straightforward – each year Ten early-stage companies are selected to benefit from the wisdom and advice of investors, commercial partners and leading industry experts. There’s a significant overlap between the areas that Augmentor and Realised Realities work in; accelerating the development and adoption of immersive technologies is an important goal that we both share. So it’s great to be able to report a very successful collaboration over the last 12-week programme. We’ve had a super-great response from all of the teams we’ve mentored over this time – Realised Realities were matched with, chosen by, and then partnered with 5 of the 10 companies on the programme.

Over the next 12 weeks, we worked with each of the startup teams as they were working hard to develop their ideas, refine their goals, and enhance their business offerings. We engaged with every team in different ways; some teams mainly wanted a source of expert advice to answer a wide range of different questions and to get our perspective on where they were with their projects, and what opportunities they might be missing. With some of the teams we got to dig in deeper and help them out with many different aspects of their proposals. These teams were keen to get us more closely involved with design discussions, process planning, product reviews and SWOT analysis on their builds. Sometimes we were engaged with discussions about how they might open up new markets and funding opportunities for themselves. With all the teams we were on hand to help them fine-tune their technology and business proposition ahead of pitching to investors at a showcase that took place at the end of the 12-week programme. We helped polish up a presentation or two along the way and we made sure we were there on the day to lend moral support. We were absolutely delighted that each of our partnered teams did so well, and really knocked it out of the park on the day!

“So many startups have recognised Realised Realities’ work as incredible. Their contributions have been seen as extremely valuable, and their attitudes as extremely positive and professional.”

Lea GregorkaInnovation Delivery Manager | Digital Catapult Augmentor

For us, this was a great partnership; we were happy to donate our time and expertise to help each of these teams move towards their goals and attract the investments they needed. In return, the diverse groups we worked with rewarded us with deep and illuminating insights into their specific corners of their sectors. We’ve found it fascinating to learn so much from each of these companies as we’ve helped them, it’s been a really symbiotic exchange of ideas and knowledge that we feel has been fantastically useful to us and our business.

And as the feedback from the teams has come in, it seems like everyone enjoyed working with us, too! We’ve had some really appreciative thank-you notes and calls, which always puts a happy glow on our week (so thank you everyone!), and a few on-the-sly whispers that some of the teams we partnered with have been singing our praises to people outside the programme too, which is fantastic to hear!

We’ve been happy continuing to support some of our teams in an ongoing capacity moving beyond the end of the Augmentor programme, too. And all of these projects are so fascinating and on such interesting journeys, we’re really looking forward to watching them grow and find success! We’re already starting to talk with Digital Catapult about being involved in the next Augmentor programme, and we’re looking forward to being able to take this journey again; teaming with another new round of innovators armed with their fresh ideas and a thirst to succeed, helping where we can and learning a lot more in the process.

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