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Masterclass | 12 Nov 2019 UKIE London Interactive Storytelling & the Immersive Revolution!

By October 8, 2019 November 4th, 2019 One Comment
Slide Montage from Realised Realities Masterclass Interactive Storytelling

We’re delighted to announce that our new Masterclass in Interactive Storytelling and the Immersive Revolution will be held at UKIE‘s Central London venue on Tuesday 12 November.

Storytelling is experiencing a revolution! And like with all communication revolutions in the past, the emergence of new immersive mediums like MR and VR can, and will, change the way stories are told. Classical linear storytelling structures have been explored for millennia. But being able to successfully build a satisfying narrative around the actions and interactions of the audience is a new challenge area being faced today by many writers, designers and developers.

In this Masterclass, Jed Ashforth from Realised Realities, former Immersive Experience Specialist at PlayStation, author of Sony’s VR best practice guidelines and one of the creators of PlayStation®VR, explores the potential and the pitfalls of interactive storytelling in 2019 and beyond. This course offers a deep understanding of the Interactive Narrative space, and arms delegates with pragmatic techniques and approaches to successfully integrate audience choices and actions into your stories.

This one-day course is suitable for all writers, designers, senior creatives and developers. We’re aiming at those looking to expand their understanding of interactive choices within their narratives. As well as exploring every avenue of Interactive Storytelling, this course dives into many of the challenges and opportunities presented by immersive technologies such as VR, MR and AR, as well as looking at traditional 2D media and location-based experiences.

For full details of the course content and prices, click below. We hope to see you there!

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