Our Proud Pedigree

From the conception of modern consumer VR onward, Simon and Jed have played an important role in steering, designing and defining the current state of the art in Immersive Technology User Experiences.

We’re extremely proud of our broad pedigree in this area; we’re confident that we have the experience and expertise to help you to make the right decisions with any aspect of your VR/AR/MR project or proposal, no matter what the project is or where the challenge lies.


PlayStation VR®

The founders of Realised Realities were instrumental figures in creating and delivering the industry-leading PlayStation®VR system.

We established and headed up Sony’s Immersive Technology Group, leading the charge on all XR technologies within Sony Interactive Entertainment. We helped to define almost every aspect of the award-winning, best-selling PlayStation®VR system. We have broad and deep experience on every part of that journey; hardware design, ergonomics, optics, tracking, usability, interface design, software design, user testing, delivery to market, and beyond.

One of Jed’s key roles on PlayStation®VR was to explore, define and then share his strategies and insights as the sole author of Sony’s extensive VR Game Design Best Practices, which remain an essential tool for PlayStation®VR developers to this day.

As leading experts on VR User Experience, we have supported many developers, helping them to elevate the quality of their ground-breaking VR titles and improving their success. Here are just some of the titles that we’ve contributed our wisdom to, and helped make great:

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Lumiere award

PlayStation 3D® Gaming

Always regarded as an inherent pillar of VR, Stereoscopic 3D Gaming was devised, developed and delivered on PlayStation®3 under Simon’s direction and leadership.

His team won the coveted Lumiere Award for this initiative.


Military & F1 Sim Pioneer

Simon’s extensive experience in immersive simulation stretches back to the ’90s where he worked with high end immersive tech such as VR, AR, and CAVEs.

Simon created the world’s first professional F1 Simulator for a leading team. He received many awards during his time at BAE SYSTEMS, including the highest achievable award for innovation for his pioneering work with immersive technologies in Military Simulation.

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Decades of Experience

Between them, Simon and Jed have almost 4 Decades of experience across the interactive entertainment field, including roles such as Lead Programmer and Producer on World Rally Championship, Senior Producer and Game Director on the Multi-Platinum-Selling ‘MotorStorm’ Series for PlayStation, Executive Producer on DriveClub VR, Project Lead on 3D Gaming and Immersive Technology Director and Immersive User Experience Specialist on PlayStation VR

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Our Pedigree

Simon and Jed have played an important role in designing and defining the current state of the art in Immersive Technology User Experiences.

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