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Realised Realities is a World-Class Consultancy business specialising in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Immersive Technologies. With unparalleled expertise in Virtual Reality and Immersive User Experience, we provide world-class guidance and support. We are Europe’s most credible VR Consultancy, enabling our clients to succeed in the VR space, and supporting them to realise the true potential of their Virtual Realities


We’ll help you focus on elevating the quality of your User Experience, the most essential consideration of any immersive technology project.


We offer you unparalleled front-line experience of every aspect of VR/AR and immersive technology projects, giving you confidence that you have made the right choice to guide you to your objectives.


We offer world-class levels of VR Expertise, with the broadest range of general & specialised VR knowledge, enabling you to succeed in your goals with confidence.

Who We Are

The founders of Realised Realities were instrumental in creating and delivering the industry-leading PlayStation®VR system.  From the birth of consumer VR to today, Simon and Jed have played a key role in steering, designing and defining the current state of the art in Consumer VR User Experiences.
Simon Benson

Simon Benson

VR & Immersive Tech Specialist

- Former Director of Sony’s Immersive Technology Group
- Key figure in creating PlayStation®VR
- Key figure in Stereoscopic 3D Gaming on PlayStation®3
- Inventor of 50+ Immersive Tech Patents
- 20+ Years Experience in Immersive Tech

Jed Ashforth

Jed Ashforth

Immersive User Experience Specialist

- Former PlayStation®VR User Experience Specialist at Sony
- Author of Sony’s VR Best Practices & VR Comfort Guides
- Consulted and Helped over 100 VR titles
- Game Director of multi-platinum MotorStorm series
- 15 Years Experience designing Immersive Experiences

How We Can Help You

We understand that you are working to succeed in the VR space, seeking to be confident in your ability to deliver a successful, high quality VR project that delivers on your objectives. We bring a uniquely broad combination of highly relevant industry experience encompassing the business, technology and creative sides of VR, which means we are able to help you overcome any and every hurdle to deliver the best VR experiences.


Get back on the right track

Fast analysis and solutions of your unique challenges, whether that be Team, Process, Content or Design.

Feedback Services

Feedback Services

Independent, Constructive, Honest

Comprehensive assessments, feedback, recommendations, solutions and opportunities for any and every VR Project.

Comfort & Usability

Comfort & Usability

The best products need the best User experience

Unmatched knowledge, understanding and insight into VR Comfort issues and every aspect of the VR User Experience.



Learn from Experts to become Experts

World-class training covering everything from bringing new VR teams up to speed and deep dives on VR Design and VR Comfort, to Event Planning guidance and Demo Team training.

Design Services

Design Services

Helping you create the best Experience

AAA-Quality UX, UI and Experience Design services by PlayStation(R)VR’s Senior Game Designer and Immersive Experience Specialist. Whatever Reality you’re creating, we can help you Realise it’s full potential.

Business Strategies

Business Strategies

Realise your Realities

Sage Business Wisdom from the former PlayStation(R)VR Immersive Technology Director. Market Insight, Business & Product strategy, Project Management assessment, Matchmaking & Networking services.

Ready to help you Realise YOUR Reality

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If you've got a problem with your VR project, chances are we can help. Get in touch with us today and find out what we can do to help you realise your reallity, and build a better world for your Users. We are based in Manchester UK, servicing a worldwide client base.

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